Arnold and Partners

Why Arnold and Partners—10 Reasons

  • We have already been successful with many of the most demanding CEOs and Heads of HR.
  • Our average time to complete a search is 75 days, less than half the industry standard.
  • Our completion rate is 95%.
  • We work with the client on fee structures to provide maximum comfort with a performance component.
  • We know the HR function on both the corporate and executive search side. We have served at the top in both.
  • Our database is a rich reservoir of the most capable HR executives who are already vetted by strong HR executives in admired companies.
  • We understand how to best position the search in the marketplace to get the best candidates to step forward
  • The reputation of the Founder is a well respected and trusted name gained through results in executive search over the last 20 years.
  • Our philosophy and approach demand that we keep the ball in the client’s court not ours.
  • Off limit issues are virtually non-existent. We go where the best HR people work.
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